As previously mentioned, I have always loved footwear. Over the years, because of my love of art, I have visited hundreds of fairs in Italy, Germany, Spain… One day I came across a very cool but a little extreme type of shoe. My inner voice was insistent, "Take a chance and create your brand with this model." It was an ankle boot with a slipper type fabric, a classic woolen plaid.

I thought the idea of creating a rubber sole ankle boot was cool. I imagined it to be made with a super soft wool fabric giving it a casual feel. Unfortunately, this fabric is not viable for everyday wear in the streets. The material's qualities were not suitable for the cold, rain and everyday pollution. I didn't want to give up, so I threw myself into visiting my supplier in Elche to see how we could adapt the original model.

We finally discovered suede leather was the material we were looking for. Presently, we have opted for this totally timeless and functional fabric. However, we are testing different ideas. I want to release a version made with recycled textiles, but that requires time for testing and research. I will keep you up to date on our progress!



My male family and friends have always expressed the difficulty in finding a basic timeless shoe that they could wear every day. They repeated to me the difficulty to find a brand that offered an easy and quality product that went beyond the prototype lace shoe, 'chelsea' style ankle boot and classic sneaker.

In their actual words, they lacked a casual booty hybrid that was neither too dressy nor sneaker style. So, I decided to fill that gap with Beaters, which, as the name suggests, would be elegant enough, but at the same time sporty.

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