Well surrounded, but basically just me: Angie. After years of experience working both in the fast fashion industry and within sustainable fashion brands, I decided to create my own footwear collection. I have always liked this accessory. In fact, as a teenager I had already dreamt up an action plan to create a unique brand of shoes. I never believed it would come to anything but years later here we are!

With an entrepreneurial heart, I am eager to live out my passion, learn from my mistakes and grow from my efforts. Every morning I wake up feeling proud to be a part of the changes that are occurring in the fashion industry. "Slow fashion", such a strange name, is growing and being recognized increasingly. I believe that today's consumption has been led by irrational and impulse buying. I am working against this by producing timeless shoe designs that do not follow trends and will never be out of date. My ethos is to create designs that are and will be versatile, comfortable and functional, forever. I want them to fit into our lifestyles and never bore us. The quality of the materials and the production process is key to these principles. So, I rely on local workforce and the well-known '0 KM Consumption', more than ever. I think it is time to support our national artisans, who are undoubtedly exceptional.

And this is briefly - my career, my view on fashion and way of supporting sustainable consumption.

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